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Cherry Hill Living Room

*objects vary in size

Cherry Hill, NJ

Maple end grain slab with hair pin legs

Curly Maple floating shelves

April 2021

For a recently updated New Jersey home, this client requested a rustic coffee table. Through the conversation we landed on live edge, and then cookie cut live edge, to keep it natural all the way around. I shopped around at various mills until the client approved this unique amoeba shaped maple slab with a handful of lobes. A tightly offset glass inlay was requested to span the single large pie crack in the piece. It was stabilized with butterflies from the bottom. A satin wipe-on oil finish was used to bring out the color and pattern in the grain, but keep it natural, with a matte, not glossy surface.

After recieving the table, the client also requested some rustic shelving for the same room. Maple slabs were sourced for these as well, with the same finish employed.

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