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Gladwyne Home Office

10' x 8' x 20"

Gladwyne, Philadelphia, PA

Solid Maple shelving with RAKKS aluminum mounting system

Dual credenzas with solid Maple case construction, Ambrosia Maple drawer fronts dyed with an oxidation solution, and Mockett tab drawer pulls

April 2021

With the goal of increasing and upgrading the available storage in this home office, the idea of a pair of sleek and modern credenzas, and shelving for a book collection, was requested. The detail of drawers outfitted to hold legal files was a central need, so heavy duty glides were used along with custom dovetailed drawer boxes and file hanger rails integrated.

Clean Hard Maple was chosen to blend with the maple flooring and cream colored walls. The Ambrosia Maple was chosen for the fronts to contrast the subtles tones of the clean maple with mesmerizing visual texture, which resembles the organic patterns of marble, and opposite color range, touching on the bluish-grey hues that the aluminum details presented. The satin grey tab pulls match the color scheme and keep the overall lines of composition clean, and the seamless facade almost uninterrupted.


One Ambrosia Maple slab was resawn to produce the seamless drawer facade, duplicated on each of the credenzas. The much cooler colors achieved on this wood, compared to the warmer tones of the maple casework finished with an oil-based top coat, were the result of much testing of various dilutions of an oxidation solution. When topped with a certain water-based finish, the colors remained cool yet organic, and quite the spectacle with bluish tones being nearly unnatural for such a natural material as wood. 

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