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Kitchen Island

60" x 36''x 36"

Northeast Philadelphia, PA

Solid Maple top and detail surfaces, white lacquered plywood case construction

December 2021

This mobile kitchen island was a sought after addition to the client's storage in the kitchen area. They wanted to be able to incorporate some IKEA cube bins into the mix, without buying and/or altering an IKEA item that may not last very long. So going cutsom gave them the quality they were looking for, and piece that would stay with them, even to their next kitchen if needed.

Some added elements I offered for the design were waste bin storage, a small wine rack, and some custom drawers to make the proportions all work out nicely. A justified countertop was requested to be able to utilitize a few bar stools as bar of the new kitchen functionality.

Always looking for some contrast to stimulate the design, I played on th emotif of the painted white surfaces maintinaing the sqaure structure, with square edges, while all of the wood surfaces have large bullnose or half round edges, including the drawer pulls, shelf edges, floor trim, handle and towel bars, and counter top underside.

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