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Poly Globe

9" x 10" x 11"
Maple and Walnut wood, Brass
November 2022

The idea of a geometric globe as statement piece and as a design challenge felt like a great way to bring a contemporary luxury feel to any space. The digital design precision required for mapping the surface, manifested with artful craftsmanship in a tactile material, ensures this is a unique design. This never before seen rendition of the classic parlor decor makes for a special milestone gift or an addition to a private collection.

This segmented globe is made of wood tiles in hexagon and pentagon shapes, forming a soccer ball shape, or in geometric terms, a Truncated Icosahedron. The tiles are CNC machined and all mitered together on each side, to form a hollow globe. 

Pictured in Walnut and Maple, the globe is defined by country outlines lasered engraved on each facet. The base features a brass rod mounted accurately at the 23 degree angle of earth's axial tilt. The globe can also slide off the rod mount to be held, the whole world in your hands.

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