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Mackintosh Cabinet

Mackintosh Cabinet
Ardmore, PA
Solid wood door frames, Cherry and Walnut inlays, Curly Maple veneer panels, integrated handle design, custom base molding profile.

A Philadelphia based glass artist, inspired by Arts and Crafts and Glasgow design, was looking for an elegant Kitchen storage solution, utilizing some existing bench boxes. The opportunity to delve into the work of Charles Rennie Mackintosh made this quite an exciting project. The largely gridded structure of the movement lends itself well to the built-in environment, and the stained glass panel element gave me the perfect chance to utilize the wood veneer lamination technique, developed for the Lam-P desk lamp. Some fiddle back curly maple veneer was the chosen specimen to create the backlit panels, speaking to the textured stained glass incorporated by Mackintosh. Square pops of color, as recessed veneer inlays, enforce the grid structure, subtly contrasted by the shadow of the single curve that sweeps through the solid colored door frames. 

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