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Wave Workbench
10' x 5' x 40"
Cherry Street Pier
Philadelphia, PA
Flat file cabinets, plywood, Cherry wood, Cherry veneer, Walnut veneer, Maple veneer
October 2018

Probably the most functionally intricate build I have done to date. For a multi-media artist, functionality and flexibility were key for this project. This piece has two identical cabinets on casters that match up as mirrored copies. The two halves can exist separately,  come together and lock in as one unit, or extend as one unit with a leaf piece in the middle.


Building off of some metal flat file cabinets, storage for particular items was spec'd to size and total footprint determined. The top is a custom veneered surface, embellished by a random wave pattern in Walnut, Cherry, and Maple that flows seamlessly through the break in the top. When needed, the center leaf can be added to extend the table, where the veneer pattern still flows organically through all breaks in the table top. To do so, bifold doors swing out from the base of each cabinet, to support the middle leaf section of the top, and lock into the opposite cabinet to become one solid extended unit. When extended and unified, there is even attachments for the artist's sewing table and sewing machine to set into the table top in place of the leaf section. 

I was also commissioned by the same artist to fabricate the white thread rack you may see in the background on this studio.

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